Frequently Asked Questions

What's Sfizio's service model?

Sfizio is hybrid of counter service and full service. You order at the counter where we will take your full order (which we will course out for you), make your drinks and take you to your table. Once seated, no need to get back into line; flag down any of our staff and they can get you whatever you need.

What kind of food is Sfizio?

Even though we sell pasta, we're more of a California-Mediterranean restaurant than Italian; we draw inspiration from all over the Mediterranean and Middle East as well as heavy influences from Mexico, Latin America and Asia.
Many of our ingredients are sourced from the amazing bounty of Northern California farms, foragers, ranchers and fisherman. In particular we've been working closely with Stonybrook Canyon Farm in Hayward, an organic farm 30 minutes from the restaurant. 

There's a line, what do I do? Can I put my name down?

Our line moves pretty fast, don't worry! We don't have a wait list, just hang out in line and we will seat folks as tables open and we take their order.  We do our best to work our way down the line and chat with folks and get a drink order while you wait.

Why do you only take reservations for 5pm?

It has always been our intention to be a restaurant that is walk up only; part of trying to keep our prices reasonable is being able to turn tables, which means filling them quickly. We decided to take a few reservations- we only take at most 4 each day- for 5pm to make it easier for bigger parties and folks with scheduling restrictions like families with small children to dine with us.

Can I place a takeout order?

We offer our full menu for take out. Just call 510-229-8365 during our business hours to place and order. We don't do scheduled pickups, but the food takes about 25 minutes, so just call 30 minutes before you'd like to pick up.

Are all your pastas homemade?

Yes, even our gluten-free pasta. Come by on Wednesdays for gnocchi night.

Is your gluten free pasta safe for Celiacs?

We use an Italian gluten free flour and cook it in a separate pot from our other pastas. That being said, we do use the same extruder to make the pasta and there is a lot of flour in the restaurant. We've had folks with Celiac's eat here without getting sick, but we can't guarantee it.

How often do you change your menu?

We usually change 1-2 dishes a week. The spaghetti and meatballs is always on though.